Fund Raising

Denise Bolton and Greg Walmesley

Denise Bolton and Greg Walmesley presenting a donation of £1000 to St Catherine's Hospice on behalf of the staff at HMP Preston and HMP Kirkham.


Nicola Huges Appeal

Frankland staff have raised in excess of £10,000 to support Nicola and supply the medical equipment she requires to improve her quality of life.


Frankland staff and members of the cricket team relaxing with a well earned pint after the fundraising match in support of PC Nicola Hughes who lost her life whilst on duty in Greater Manchester Police Force.



Members of staff who undertook a marathon swim raising funds for the Help For Heroes Charity,presenting the cheque to Lynn Haigh on behalf of her husband Bob from all his colleagues at HMP Manchester

Pat Ainsworth

Pat celebrating with her  London  Marathon medal having now completed twenty London Marathons raising many thousands of pounds for Marie Curie cancer Care.


Manchester, John Carroll

John Pictured with some of the children who are supported by the Stick and Step charity. This charity provides assistance and support for children with Cerebral Palsy. Well done John and a huge thank you to all your colleagues who assisted you in your fundraising.

Newbold Presentation

Karen Townsend receiving the our donation from Ken Wingfield in support of their funds raised for Caner Research UK


Presentation at HMP Humber

Mark Harling   HALF CENTURY TRI-CHALLENGE   Not content with the usual challenges for someone reaching their 50th milestone, a Marathon, Coast to Coast bike ride or National 3 Peaks, PE Officer Mark Harling from HMP Humber set out on an epic challenge that would have been difficult for someone half his age!   Mark was inspired to raise money for 'The Queens Centre' at Castle Hill hospital near Hull after colleague and friend PE Officer Dave Frisby was treated for Leukaemia there. Dave still receives treatment at the centre and without the excellent medical team would find life and work a very difficult prospect. The Queens Centre’s charitable arm has been a fantastic support to Dave and Mark was determined to raise money for the charity in recognition.   When the going got tough during his unique and arduous adventure Mark’s focus was brought back to the centre and the remarkable work it does. That focus and his amazing grit and determination saw him conclude the Half Century Tri-Challenge.   So, what did he do that was so amazing?   Challenge One – Cycle - End to End   The End to End challenge is to cycle the length of the United Kingdom, a distance of around 1000 miles. Marks End to End cycle route began at John O’ Groats in Scotland, and passed through some of the toughest terrain in the UK before finishing at Lands’ End. Normal ‘End to End’ cycle challenges take the most direct route, however because Mark did the 3 Peaks & 3 Lake challenges simultaneously his cycle route covered a greater distance with a greater level of ascent. He also had a terrible couple of days where he had to cycle through the remains of storm Hector!   Challenge Two – Climb - National Three Peaks   The National Three Peaks Challenge – climbing the three highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales. On day 3 after cycling 91 miles to Glencoe from Inverness Mark ended the day with his fastest ever ascent of Ben Nevis in Scotland. Dave Frisby who inspired Mark’s mission joined him in his ascent of Scafel Pike in England on day 7 of the challenge. Day 9 saw the completion of the Mountain challenges when Snowden in Wales was bagged! The mountain climbs covered a PURPOSE HUMANITY OPENNESS TOGETHER      distance of around 24 miles, with a total ascent of over 3,000 metres. Comically, Mark considered the walking & Kayaking days as a rest day!   Challenge Three – Kayak - Three Lakes Challenge   Starting with Loch Awe in Scotland Mark kayaked the length of the longest stretches of water in Scotland, England and Wales. Loch Awe saw Mark not only having to paddle 27 miles but he also had to bail out every mile as the kayak he had hired had sprung a leak. Lake Windermere at 11miles was less taxing & less eventful and Lake Bala in Wales was a quick paddle at only 7 miles long. A total of 45 miles of Kayaking, the equivalent to crossing the English Channel and back again.   Mark’s plan to complete the challenge in just 12 days was executed to perfection. He hit every milestone that he set for himself and upon reaching Land’s End he even suggested to his partner that he might just cycle back to Hull. He didn’t but we have no doubt that he could have!   Stats from the Challenge   During the challenge Mark cycled, 891.1 miles, with an assent of 51,198 feet, taking 60 hours 17mins with a fastest speed of 43.3 mph. Walked 22.9 miles, with an assent of 9,822 feet over 10 hours 45 mins,   Kayaked 43.4 miles over 12 hours 40 mins. Approx 45,600 strokes (1 per second)   Every day back in the establishment staff were kept up to date with Mark’s progress & when he returned to work from his trip the following week he was met with a rapturous audience cheering him into the gym eager to hear all about his journey. His challenge had really captured the imagination of colleagues who happily gave generously to the charity at its heart.   Whilst the epic journey is over, the work of the Queens Centre continues, to date Mark has raised £2749. You can still donate to this fantastic cause by visiting Mark’s Justgiving page using the link below.



POELT Course

Kasey French and members of the POELT course at Hull presenting the donation raised by the course, which was assisted with a donation from The PSCF to MIND  (Hull and East Yorkshire)


John and Lesley.    Pictured here at Holme House Wellbeing Day 2019



Royal Signals Presentation

Lisa Lawson

Lisa Lawson, presenting the donation on behalf of the committee to Jane and Linda at the Springbridge Carriage Driving school. supporting disabled adults and children.


My Journey with the RDA

My journey started one miserable day in March 2017 and

I was at a very low point in my life. I had lost my eyesight

several years earlier due to Toxoplasmosis and had been

registered blind. However, like many blind people, my

sight impairment is not about what I don’t see, but what

I do see.

I had almost reached rock bottom when I made the

decision to resort to the one thing that always made

me feel better, horses.

I looked on the internet and finally found an entry

for “Springbridge Carriage Driving for the Disabled”.

I phoned and spoke to a lovely lady who invited me to

come and have a look around the stables and facilities.

As I walked around that beautiful yard, with all those

happy, healthy ponies, I felt like crying I was so happy.

Over the following months, I was made to feel so

welcome, supported and most incredibly, valued by

these wonderful people. I found a deep joy in caring

for the ponies and their environment, learning the art

of carriage driving along the way.

Linda and Jane offered to let me drive one of their

ponies in a cones competition, and once again I was

humbled by their generosity. I had never driven through

a cones course before.

I knew the general direction of the cones, but I could not

actually see them properly until I was about eight feet

away, so my groom, Jane Stretton, vocally guided me

until I had them in my sights, so to speak.

I had somehow progressed through the preliminary

round into the final. We were last to go. Smarty

responded to every zig and zag that I asked of her, and

due to Jane’s vocal directions and Linda’s vigilant time

keeping we crossed the line at optimal time with no

faults! I have no idea how we did this.

When they announced me as the winner, I could not

believe it, the smile on my face as I received that

beautiful red rosette. It proves that a 67 year old woman

with visual impairment and hearing aids is in fact,

capable of learning new things and still achieve

something amazing. I feel lucky to be blessed with the

tireless generosity and support that I receive from those

very special Springbridge people.

Lisa Lawton



Vets Hub Presentation

Roger Davies presenting the PSCF donation to the staff and clients at the Weymouth Veterans Hub supporting injured service and ex military personnel suffering from PTSD

Pat Ainsworth presenting the donation to representative of the Marie Curie Hospice



Jason Brown and colleagues from HMP Pentonville taking part in the Wye 100 River Challenge, to raise funds in support of the “Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice” the challenge consists of ten members of staff in five canoes departing from Hay on Wye to Chepstow over a four day event.



         On August 7th 2019 I visited to present to two fund raisers who had applied to in 2019 to The Prison Service Charity Fund (PSCF) to help them reach their targets for the events they had organised.

    We the committee members always find it a privilege to attend and support prison staff in whatever way can providing it fits our criteria on their applications

Newbold Revel College staff are very active in raising funds and have now a newly formed  charity committee, and it is good to the great work they are doing for the local community and national Charities. Well done to Jo Shakespear; Laura Dove; and Karen Townsend for their dedication to helping others through their own experiences in life.

       Join the PSCF and the committee will support your event, providing it is medical help or equipment. It is the staff's Charity Fund, help us by joining to help your family, friends or other charities. In 30 years you the staff have enabled the PSCF committee award over

 £ 2.5million to your events

                      Thank You Ken Wingfield MBE  Vice Chairman