The recipient or organisation of any financial assistance must be in the UK.
(e.g. It cannot be for famine relief in the third world).

The fund will cover those appeals which are to assist those in need of medical treatment/equipment. Appeals to raise funds for items/treatment which, in ordinary circumstances, would not be considered medical treatment/equipment, but which assist in the treatment of those suffering from various ailments (e.g. recuperation holidays; specialist toys for children with special needs), may be considered as medical treatment/equipment.

The fund can only aid those appeals which are conducted within the Prison Service by Prison Service Staff.

If fund raising involves raising monies for a Trust Hospital, the PSCF will only give a donation to specificically nominated units, or direct to suppliers of the required equipment as opposed to monies being donated directly into the Trust's account.

The aim of the PSCF is to help fund raisers in the Service, who fall short of their fund raising targets. (e.g. If an appeal aimed to raise £2,000 and only £1,800 was raised, then the Fund could step in and donate the extra £200 to make the total up to the stated target.
The amount donated is at the total discretion of the PSCF Committee. It is the Fund's policy not to donate more than has raised by the applicant, and then only to a ceiling of £5,000. However, this does not necessarily mean that the PSCF will donate on a pound-for-pound basis. It may sometimes be the case that the amount donated by the Fund is given as an incentive for further fund-raising success on the applicant's part.

The Committee's decision is final

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